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Collapsible frame structures are very popular among owners of pool complexes around the world. With the advent of high-strength polymers, it became possible to manufacture housings that withstand the pressure of a multi-ton mass of water, do not collapse under the sun’s rays, and at the same time are inexpensive. Obviously, such structures are several times cheaper in comparison with the construction of monolithic objects. But every inexperienced user is primarily interested in the question: “How to install a frame pool?” Indeed, the service life of the structure, its safety and appearance depend on the quality of the work. In this article, we will touch upon the main stages of installing a frame pool, list the necessary equipment and accessories, and also talk about the difficulties that await the owner on the way to installing the complex. In the interests of the company SOYUZ-PUL,

What location on the plot is suitable for a pool?

Best Pool Installation

In search of a suitable site on a land plot, first of all, you need to assess the dimensions of the future structure. Your goal is to choose a location for the pool with a flat surface, the diameter of which will be about 0.5-1.5 meters larger than the diameter of the tank. After all, we must not forget that it is important to have comfortable access to a frame pool for a summer residence , and even away from falling leaves, as well as many pool models have an installation overhang outside the bowl.

Usually, when the pool is installed, in order not to erode the area around the pool, they use paving slabs or pouring concrete areas closed from above with natural stone.

There are solutions in which a private pool does not differ from resort areas, for this you can make a wooden platform around the pool, flush with the upper edge of the water, after deepening the installation area. The resulting space under the deck is usually used for the technical room in which the pool equipment is installed (filter, pump, heating, control panel with a timer, pipeline fittings …)

The surface for installing the frame pool must be firm, level and not have sharp protrusions. Therefore, there are many recommendations on the technology of site preparation using sifted sand, a layer of gravel, which excludes the erosion of soil from under the pool by groundwater. If you decide to install the complex on the ground, make sure that the relief is even and that the soil is sufficiently hard. In soft soil and bulk materials, the structure will drown over time and begin to rot or make it difficult to dismantle.

It is also important to choose the location of the place wisely because after water procedures, households will obviously want to dry themselves with a towel, take a shower and change clothes. You should not install the pool far from the tap and at home – this will make it comfortable to enjoy swimming, fill and drain the tank, and take care of the water. But in these matters, the location of the nearest water source fades into the background, because if necessary, nothing prevents you from purchasing a longer hose.

Many buyers of prefabricated structures are interested in the question: “Do I need to dig a pit for a frame pool?” The choice depends on the circumstances. What is the height and volume of the tank? Will there be a platform for a swimming pool complex? Is there a ladder to be installed? Are you going to disassemble the structure at the end of the swimming season? Of course, it is easier to install an object simply on the ground, but this choice will not always be correct. This is reflected in the stability of the pool, water temperature, comfort in use. If, on the contrary, you are afraid that the water will not warm up enough, choose the freest area in direct sunlight. And in this case, “bury” the structure is definitely not worth it.

Stages of assembling a frame pool

As in any business, the installation of the pool begins with a detailed study of the user manual. The manual describes in detail the stages of preparation of elements, assembly of the complex, maintenance and dismantling. Briefly, you can depict the tank assembly process as follows:

Prepare a site suitable for the area. All irregularities in the earth must be cut off and do without adding soft earth. The surface should be made using a level to avoid visual skewing of the water relative to the sides of the pool. If the site is inclined, the site is also made by cutting the soil, until a horizontal surface is obtained without distortions. For the decoration of the pool, in this case, wood flooring is often used around the pool, which provides the beach area;

Assemble the pool frame. This process is simple and fun. Some parts of it can be entrusted to children. The main thing is not to lose small mounting parts and frame tubes, which, according to the law of meanness, are the most important and irreplaceable;

Stretch the PVC. Durable PVC reinforced fabric is a great material for swimming pools. It does not let water through, is not afraid of ultraviolet radiation, does not interest insects and rodents, does not support the flame. It is important to make sure that the cover fits well on the frame and is fixed in all places;

Fill the frame pool tank. In most cases, this is the longest stage, so you have to be patient. But you won’t be able to rest at this time either, because you need to periodically monitor the structure and make sure of its integrity, symmetry and stationarity. For the rest, you can enjoy the finished object and anticipate fast water procedures.

Well, and the last stage before swimming. Cutting holes in the cup bag, installing mortgages, assembling the pumping group and filtering unit, adding water to the required level, filling the filtration system with water, starting. Depending on the source of water supply to fill the pool (drinking quality, or pond water), it will take time to heat the water, react with German or Russian-made disinfectants, and clean the pool with an underwater vacuum cleaner.