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Littleton Pool Decks

Pool Decks

Littleton Pool Installation has been installing pool deck and coping for over more than 1000 customers every year. In a speedy life, customers tend to forget that decks need to be maintained and given proper cleaning.

Tips for maintenance

We will give you some insight into maintaining pool decks. Try following what we have mentioned below for a long-lasting deck:
You can use a mop or even a broom to remove the dust-off of from the surface. It also efficiently removes grass clippings, other debris. Do it every week in your leisure time.Other sturdy spots from the soil, can be treated by spraying off the surface using a hose. It will resolve all the dirty spots.

Usually, several of our top coatings are acrylic and chemicals. They are moisture resistant. Although it would benefit in the long run if cleaning chemical spills as quickly as possible.

You can use a pressure washer if all the other modes did not work.
Also you are suggested to use commercial cleaners, given that they are not abrasive and should be formulated specifically for the surface of your deck.

To get more such valuable information on maintaining your pool deck, talk to our experts. All you need to do is just call or leave a message.


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