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Littleton Pool Resurfacing

Pool Resurfacing

Pool resurfacing by Littleton involves a simple and equally efficient process. We use products that are handpicked and a test of errands are run on all the equipment before deploying them at your space. We strictly comply with safety protocols. Our trained specialists have a wide range of security measures and we aim to complete ours with no disruption to any of your properties.

Overview of pool resurfacing

The first step would be to prepare the surface for working on it. Laying your work without etching, grinding, or shot blasting the concrete surface will again create damage to the pool area.

Cleaning is essential. After preparing the surface, apply primer. If you insist, we also do pressure wash and dry the surface thoroughly before coating with primer.

We follow stringent product mixing. We don’t take much of your time or money in using the products. Depending on the choice of look you need, we spray, roll, or trowel the surface of the pool deck.

For additional protection and long-lasting effect, we add a sealer that will enhance stain resistance. If you know, concrete coating and overlays are not easy to apply. Experts working for Littleton have years of experience. So we will complete it in the swift of time.

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Littleton Pool Installation is an esteemed service provider with expert technicians who are dedicated to providing friendly service too all of our customers. We strive to bring out the best for your space. To talk to our experts, call us immediately. We will be at your service at a convenient time.

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