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The push-pull is a commonly used attachment in the food and construction sector. Never heard of this forklift attachment before? Then you can start by reading this blog (the first push-pool blog) which explains push-pool functionality. Do you know how push-pools work and do you want to know if push-pulling can add value to your company? Discover 7 reasons to consider buying a push pool for CAM attachments .

Pool Installation Steps

1. Safety first

The CAM attachments attachment push pool has a very open design for maximum visibility for the loader driver. This optimum visibility is guaranteed both in retracted and extended position. The push-pool is a large and powerful attachment. This is why it is very important for the forklift driver to have the best view of his surroundings. 

2. Additional protection

During the design phase, a rubber profile was chosen to protect all delicate hydraulic parts. This reduces the risk of hydraulic damage and leaks and also saves on the purchase of expensive spare parts.

3. Strong and powerful

The cylinder provides pulling and pushing movement of the attachment. The load that is on the slip sheet must be able to move accurately and smoothly. This requires a powerful cylinder and a strong frame structure. 

4. Fast installation 

You can choose from bottom bracket push-pull as well as forklift push-pull. This model is equipped with fork arms, which allows the forks to slide very easily. This version guarantees fast and easy installation.

5. Wide range

CAM attachments offer a wide variety of push pools with different mounting options. Both versions offer models with or without slip sheet holder. Once you have decided on these two options, you still need to choose between push pools with different capabilities. Thus, there is something for everyone! 

6. Additional options

Some models may be equipped with a separate on-board amplifier. It is also possible to order push-pull with fork sleeves for different fork sections. 

Best Pool Installation

7. Individual order for the client

You can customize the push-pull according to your specific requirements. The expert CAM attachments team listens to your company’s needs and expectations and selects the perfect push pool for you. Read the success story of a satisfied customer order solution here .