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Fiberglass pool is the most modern type of pool, which has gained immense popularity in Ukraine in recent years. Its main advantages are durability, quick installation, attractive appearance and easy maintenance. In addition, it is possible to improve the design by installing additional equipment for the pool.

One of the most popular solutions today is hydromassage. More recently, this pleasant and useful procedure was presented mainly in spa salons. Now it is available to those who are interested in turnkey composite pools.


Of course, the main advantage of hydromassage in your own pool is the opportunity to relax, relieve fatigue after a busy day, without leaving your home. The flow of water, which has a massage effect, helps to relieve muscle tension, overcome fatigue, and just relax.

Despite the wide range of therapeutic properties of hydromassage, one should not forget about the existing contraindications. In particular, it is better to refrain from the procedure in case of acute thrombophlebitis, infectious diseases, chronic skin diseases, atherosclerosis, etc.

As for the positive impact on the human body, there are several key points that make the composite spa pool truly indispensable for maintaining health and beauty:

Improving skin condition. Hydromassage perfectly tones the skin, makes it more toned and elastic. Of course, the effect will be noticeable only with a regular visit to the pool with hydromassage.

Reduced pain. Regardless of the nature of the pain (for example, dizziness after intense exercise), hydromassage minimizes discomfort in muscles and joints. In addition, this procedure helps fight spasms and also relieves muscle tension.

Benefits for blood circulation. Hydromassage has a positive effect on the walls of blood vessels, making them more elastic and strong. The procedure is beneficial for the circulatory and lymphatic systems, which in turn has a good effect on the functioning of all body systems.

Acceleration of metabolism. Hydromassage improves blood circulation, helps the rapid resorption of edema, increases gastrointestinal motility, and also contributes to the saturation of cells with oxygen.

In short, if you want to experience the healing effect of a hydromassage, it is best to buy a composite pool with all the necessary equipment.


Hydromassage is an additional equipment that is installed simultaneously with the installation of the structure. The cost of the solution varies depending on the manufacturer, so prices differ from company to company.

It is best to install the equipment and a turnkey composite pool – the price at Posh pools is quite acceptable. In order to calculate the cost of the structure, go to the “ Pools ” section , choose the appropriate model and use a simple calculator. Check all the positions that you would like to purchase to see the final cost.

When buying a fiberglass pool from us, you are buying high quality products made from modern materials that have proven themselves in the best way. Hydromassage and other equipment that we offer to our customers has been tested repeatedly – its performance properties are beyond praise.

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For more information about the construction of a composite pool in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine, contact our consultant.